Cloud Technology for CDFI's & MFI's

Drive Financial Inclusion With our Cloud-based Technology Solution for CDFI's & MFI's


Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) have changed the relationship between financial services and economically disadvantaged people and communities, playing a pioneering role in community wealth building.


Deliver a superior borrower experience


Improve organizational workflows


Automate the decision making process


Provide transparency to the entire lending process

Drive Growth And Efficiency

CDFIs and MFIs have delivered a great deal of value with minimal resources. Driving financial inclusion is difficult due to lack of fully automated back office that can increase loan volume, improve efficiencies and enable workers to handle more loans. A cloud-based loan management system can enable CDFIs to match their customer knowledge with new product innovations and product offerings. A fully automated system improves the customer relationship by delivering a 360 degree view for all parties.

Small Business Lending

Small business lending (SBL) is the backbone of CDFIs. However, the ability to make small loans cost effectively is driving CDFIs to seek cloud technology to streamline their origination, underwriting and servicing. With the efficiency of a fully digitized, end-to-end loan management system, CDFIs can make more loans with the same lending staff, increasing their reach and impact on their communities.

Cloud Lending Solutions enables CDFIs to digitize their back office operations, and leverage the innovative underwriting models that use multiple sources of data to make faster lending decisions. Digitizing the back office lowers costs and makes lending staff more productive and responsive to the customers, uncovering potential new opportunities. The CLS platform delivers efficient and cost-effective cloud technology for the entire loan management life-cycle.

Consumer Lending

Consumer lending has never been more vibrant or challenging. CDFIs have a unique ability to not only provide consumer loans, but also help their borrowers build credit and manage their finances so they can qualify for better rates and more credit options.

Cloud Lending Solutions makes online lending simple, fast and secure. Our solution digitizes the complete end-to-end consumer loan process including origination, underwriting, servicing and collections, creating a single system of record for all the consumer loans. From application to funding and beyond, you can build an online lending experience that will delight your customers, increase operational efficiency, and lower risk.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Cloud Lending Solutions allows us to automate the entire leasing process, on a single system, from evaluating financial applications through servicing, collections and asset disposal. Leveraging the platform allows us to lower our operating costs, speed time to market and maintain strong relationships with our customers as we improve their overall experience.”

    Mike Sheehan

    President, Flexx

  • “Neyber’s mission is to create workplace communities that enable employees to borrow and save together at fairer rates. We set out to reduce the indebtedness of the UK workforce, and in turn, to increase staff engagement and productivity. In combination with our own proprietary technology, Cloud Lending Solutions’ platform will support the growth of our business and enable it to fulfil this mission.”

    Ezechi Britton

    CTO, Neyber

  • “Harmoney is not a bank or a finance company. Harmoney is a technology enabled financial marketplace that needed a robust receivables platform that was flexible, cost efficient and quick to implement. Cloud Lending allowed us to break away from legacy systems and reduce our time to market to a fraction of other alternatives.”

    Neil Roberts

    CEO and Founder, Harmoney

  • “With Cloud Lending Solutions we reduced an anticipated 6 to 12 month development cycle to less than 3 months. This dramatically changed our go-to-market strategy and helped us connect with consumers more quickly. Cloud Lending was the only end-to-end solution built natively on Salesforce – a strict requirement in our platform architecture. Throughout our partnership, Cloud Lending has been attentive to our needs, which has made it possible for us to deliver a reliable and secure cloud-based alternative to bank lending in less than 90 days.”

    Franck Fatras

    CTO, LendingPoint



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