Lease Servicing Software For Equipment Lessors

Effective Origination

CL Lease is a cloud-based front-to-end leasing platform designed for equipment lessors to efficiently service equipment leases, from origination and underwriting to funding, workflow management, document management and financing.  You can set up online leasing portals, collect decision data from multiple sources and automatically generate contracts for e-signature.  With our Cloud Lending Lease Xcelerate Program, lessors can deploy a full leasing solution in 8 weeks or leverage the Xcelerate Program as a Proof-of-Concept for more detailed workflow and business plan considerations.


Originate deals and record contracts. Setup online leasing portals and automate the origination experience


Manage multiple assets in the same lease contract. Setup maintenance or insurance as periodic charges applied every month


Setup schedules with steps and skips, account for leases as operating or finance leases


Collect decisioning data from multiple sources including identity, credit, banking and valuation services like BlackBook. Automatically score and price with contracts generated for e-signature

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Automate Leasing Operations

CL Lease makes it easy to automate servicing including billing generation, ACH transactions, collection of payments and fees, restructuring and managing exceptions.


Generate billing statements, ACH payments and application of fees like late charges or NSF


Transfer of accounting for transactions including income recognition to general ledger

Evergreen Rent

Calculation of evergreen rent for equipment used after lease term


Set automatic payment alerts and notifications

Asset Management

Track assets through contract lifecycle including returns, repossessions and delinquencies. Manage assets after contract maturity with inspections, sale and release.


Manage returns, repossessions and resale of equipment


Track equipment throughout the contract lifecycle including insurance coverage, buyouts, returns, repossessions, and delinquencies


Manage equipment after a contract reaches maturity with attention to inspections, refurbishments, scrap, sale and release

Delinquency Management

Define collection strategy tasks and manage calling, payments and promises to pay with agent dashboard.


Proactively work with delinquent accounts to minimize collection risk. Lessors can define automated collection strategy tasks for the entire portfolio or segmented by lease type. Collection tasks include automated emails, letters and messages.


Streamline customer interactions with complete visibility and elimination of errors.


Custom collection queues can be created for delinquent contracts. These queues can be defined by any contract attribute such as days delinquent, loan type and loan value. These queues are used by collection agents to manage customer interactions, allow immediate payment processing and record promise to pay.

Benefits of our Lease Servicing Salesforce App

    • Quick time to market with new leasing services
    • Reduced technical, operational and servicing costs
    • Improved asset management and reduced delinquency
    • Configurable dashboards for easy tracking of collection agents and dealers
    • Easily adapt to changing financial regulations

Key Features of our Lease Servicing Software


Origination, servicing and collections can be used together as an end-to-end system or separately with existing systems. Finance operating or sales leases.

Multiple Equipment

Finance multiple assets in a single lease. Track equipment through the contract lifecycle for return, repossession and resale.

Quick Quotes

Fast, accurate pricing based on equipment value and contract terms

Automate Operations

Automate application of fees, charges, calculation of taxes and payments through ACH or credit card

Financial Reporting

Manage lease specific GL reporting. Standard reports and dashboards for accounting receivables, depreciation, accruals, equipment purchase, returns, billings, charges and payments. Real-time sub-ledger.


Create collection strategies, manage promise to pay and collection queues

100 Percent Digital

Mobile enabled and easily configured. Integrates the work of collection or repossession agents, equipment resellers and dealers.

Operations Management

Portfolio management for contracts, cash management and full accruals management.



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