Customer-Centric Collections Software for Financial Institutions


CL Collections™ is a customer-centric collections application that enables lenders to define and automate their collection strategies, optimize customer interaction across channels and reduce technical, operational and collection costs. With CL Collections you can track delinquencies, set priorities and manage collectors' workload. CL Collections can be used with your existing core systems or as part of Cloud Lending Solutions end-to-end loan, leasing and marketplace solutions.

Collection Strategies

Define strategies to manage the collections workflow. Create custom strategies by segment to manage both automated communication and collector's work queues.

Queue Management

Manage collector's efforts, workloads and prioritizations via collection work queues as part of a collection strategy and workload management.

Collector Dashboard

Centered around the collection queue, collectors are presented the next delinquent borrower to be contacted. Manage account and contact preferences, make payments and record contact notes.


Easy configuration for fast setup. Flexible and maintainable. Manage collection strategies, contact preferences, templates and more.

Benefits of our Collections Salesforce App

    • Automated collection strategies reduces cost and effort
    • Complete record of billing and collection interactions eliminate servicing errors
    • Configurable collection strategies reduces cost and effort
    • Contact preferences support contact compliance
    • Streamline customer interaction improving customer experience
    • Agile approach to configuration setup, operations and maintenance

Key Features of our Collections Software

Workload Management

Daily management of work queue assignments. Workload balancing


Automate collection strategies, customer contact and queue workloads

Service-oriented Architecture

CL Collections is architected for easy integration to core lending systems, dialers, SMS and email systems

Reporting and Dashboard

Built-in standard reports, report writer and dashboards


Manage contact exclusions

Legacy Integration

Collect against contracts serviced in legacy loan or lease management systems

Batch Jobs

Create automated collection jobs to set reminders, run automated collection activities, check if promise to pay, queue loans and manage workloads

Contact Preferences

Configure borrower’s contact preference, preferred channel of communication

Contact Templates

Setup message templates for emails, sms, and letters


Set track and collection goals


Record customer interactions including promise to pay, emails and dunning letters

Waiving Charges

Option to waive off charges on a borrower’s loan or lease


Automated tracking of delinquent contracts, undelivered correspondence and promises made



CL Collections

CL Collections™ is customer-centric collections application that enables lenders to define, automate optimize collections...


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