Complete Loan Management Software for Financial Institutions

Take Control of Loan Management

CL Loan is a complete, agile loan servicing application that automates loan billing and payments, collections management and accounting under one robust, flexible and secure platform. It efficiently manages portfolios, increases transaction volume and rapidly brings new products to market. CL Loan enables real-time online updates of transactions, and can be easily integrated with mobile platforms. CL Loan gives you complete control of your lending products and provides support for all of your lending needs.

Consumer Loans

Supports online, line of credit, secured and unsecured consumer loans

Commercial Loans

Supports small business loans, commercial real estate and commercial and industrial loans

Payment Structures

Supports EMIs, variable, seasonal, balloon and interest only payment structures

Loan Types

Supports term loans, lines of credit, fixed, floating and step interest

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Complete End-To-End Loan Management

Manage the complexities encountered during the lifecycle of the loan. Manage contract creation, execution, and analysis for maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk. With CL Loan you can manage:

Complete Loan Lifecycle Management

From loan creation to modification and termination

Modify Loans

Reschedule, extend or change terms

Loan Refinancing

Refinance single or multiple loans

Loan Restructuring

Adjust principal, interest and fees


Reversal of transactions, post dated transactions and waiving charges and fees

Loan Buyback

Automate the buyback of loans from partner financial institutions

Block Codes

Suspend loan activities such as ACH, accruals communications and disbursals based on events like bankruptcy or fraud

Automate Lending Operations

Automate the recurring tasks of your lending operations. CL Loan can manage a variety of tasks and workflows such as customer billing, payment collections and calculation of fees and other charges.


Manage multiple disbursement methods including one-time funding, funding in tranches, disbursement schedules and multiple drawdown

Billing & Payments

Manage customer bill generation and payments including manual payments or automated payments via ACH


Automatically calculate and bill fees


Manage single or multiple investor portfolios, calculate interest, payouts and manage funds movement


Manage the calculation and payment of broker commissions


Support for credit bureau reporting in Metro2 format


Manage calculations, accounting transactions, payments and funds movement


Real-time online updates of transactions to the Sub-ledger

Benefits of our Loan Management Salesforce App

    • Improves turnaround time for all customer interactions leading to a superior customer experience
    • Configurable loan products get you to market faster
    • Automated billing, payments and fees for lower operating costs
    • Real-time analytics for accurate and customized dashboards and reports
    • Quick speed of change to conform with changing regulations and business processes
    • Manage third parties like brokers and investors with ease

Key Features of our Loan Management Software

Fast Configuration

Wizard-based approach for general setup and loan product configuration

Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage the contract lifecycle from creation to termination. Modify contracts for interest rate, calculations, payments, due days, terms, principal adjustment and more.

Flexible Terms

A complete range of payment frequencies, interest calculations, and payment spreads

Interest Calculation

Flexible interest structures such as flat rate, declining balance, flexible repayment and floating rate index and margin rates

Payment Spreads

Spread payments automatically or manually across principal, interest and fees

Multiple Payment Types And Structures

Support for ACH, multi-country ACH and manual payments, EMIs, variable, seasonal, balloon and interest only structures

Reports And Dashboards

Aging, delinquent accounts, unpaid invoices and multiple performance reports with custom dashboards that provide charts, tables, gauge and metric reports.



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