Next Generation Loan Origination Software and Underwriting Platform

6-Click™ Lending

CL Originate provides lenders a simple, intuitive user interface for online loan origination. This SaaS application integrates traditional and non-traditional data sources to enable real-time auto decisioning and funding. With our loan origination software's custom scorecards, multiple third party data integration, powerful auto decisioning, and automated rate card capabilities, lenders can create a responsive 6-click user experience that "wows" the customers.


Your borrower uses mobile, web, call centers and in-branch services. Combine them into one user experience.

Auto Decisioning

Accelerate and simplify your origination and underwriting process with auto decisioning.


Create an online loan application process that enables borrowers to complete an application in just a few clicks.


Third party data sources integrated with your underwriting models enabling next-generation underwriting decisions.

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Loan Dashboards And Deal Room

For complex lending products where process, accountability and time are critical, CL Originate’s loan dashboard and deal room ensure timely management of large number of tasks, documents and stakeholders required to underwrite loans. The loan dashboard enables you to manage approvals, work queues, and automated and manual tasks across multiple departments. The deal room is a collaborative space for borrowers and other parties to upload, review and approve documents, and communicate status with all the loan parties.


Manage tasks, processes and deadlines with complex compliance requirements


Create product templates to centralize management of workflows, document requirements, scoring and pricing by product


Hold accountable all responsible parties at each step in the process

No Bottlenecks

Collaborate in real-time to facilitate communication


Less time to underwrite a loan increases competitiveness and lowers costs


Configure your workflows, approvals and decisioning for optimal business processes and evolving market requirements


Portal to extend document management functionality to borrowers, simplifying document collection and improving the borrower experience

Process Enforcement

CL Originate saves time and costs related to managing process compliance and due diligence. CL Originate’s configurable workflow rules can insure that the required tasks are completed and required documents are collected, distributed and signed. CL Originate manages the workflow between departments and manages approvals.

Product Templates

Document requirements are centrally managed and configured by types of loan being originated, types of borrowing entities and collateral associated with the loan.


Enforces required tasks and processes based on different types of loans, borrowing structures and collateral structures.


Document compliance is fully integrated into the loan origination process as a prerequisite to loan approval.

Easy to Configure

CL Originate allows for new lending products to be configured in minutes. With CL Originate, you have complete control over the loan workflows, approvals, document requirements and more.


Create department and approval queues to enforce required lending compliance


Define automated and manual tasks by department, including credit checks, document generation and e-signatures


Create loan scorecards, pull data from multiple sources and build product-specific scoring models


Create custom pricing rules based on scorecards and additional determining factors


Easily customize screens, menus or add additional application attributes as needed


Easily add existing or third party underwriting engines for maximum flexibility


Centrally manage loan products to ensure compliance

Benefits of our Loan Origination Salesforce App

    • Build a world-class, multichannel digital experience to delight your customers
    • Use new, innovative underwriting models and data for faster and higher quality credit decisions
    • Centrally manage loan products to reduce risk
    • Adapt quickly to new scoring, pricing and competitive pressures
    • Build an efficient, transparent and process compliant loan origination process
    • Increase loan production with highly configurable workflows, document templates and tasks

Key Features of our Loan Origination Software


Online Lending

Create best-in-class online lending products that get results in just 6-clicks

Auto Decisioning

Automated decisioning with your custom scorecards using KYC, credit, banking and other data sources


A configurable template approach for defining workflows, tasks, documents, decisioning requirements, approvals and pricing

Deal Room

A collaborative space to define, gather and review required loan documents

Loan Dashboard

Manage the workflow, approvals and tasks to enforce process compliance

Third Party Data

Integrate with third party data sources through our web services to build innovative underwriting models

Underwriting APIs

Integrate with existing lending portals or build your own with our underwriting APIs


Create multi-tiered and customized scorecards by lending product


Create custom rate cards by product



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