Cloud Lending Solutions for Banks

Cloud-based Commercial and Small Business Loan Origination

The Challenge

Cloud Lending Solutions is a leader in cloud-based commercial and small business loan origination. Cloud Lending Solutions helps banks transform their commercial and small business loan operations by improving operational efficiency, reducing credit and compliance risk, improving transparency and loan production, and enabling banks to deliver a great client experience throughout the loan origination process using Cloud Lending’s comprehensive back-office loan origination platform and groundbreaking frontend portal technology.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate operational and regulatory risks with a responsive and configurable approach to maintaining document compliance and policy enforcement

Great Customer Experience

Deliver a great omnichannel customer experience for borrowers and staff

Lower Operating Costs

We lower operating costs through streamlined operations across all customer interactions

Our Banking Solutions

Small Business Lending

Cloud Lending Solutions' comprehensive loan origination platform enables banks to accelerate the small business loan origination process while effectively managing credit and compliance risk. Cloud Lending Solutions' revolutionary front-end portal technology enables banks to provide a modern and intuitive online small business loan application as well as online tools that enable banks and small business borrowers to collaborate and manage the small business loan origination process. While many financial institutions still rely on paper forms and manual processes to originate small business loans, Cloud Lending Solutions enables banks to increase small business loan production and profitability, and take a big slice of the small business pie.

Commercial Lending

Cloud Lending Solutions enables banks to accelerate and manage all commercial loan products on a single, highly configurable platform. Cloud Lending Solutions' revolutionary front-end portal technology provides a virtual workspace to support collaborative underwriting process; managing multiple borrower entities, complex document requirements, iterative reviews and approvals through an evolving borrowing and collateral structure inherent in complex commercial loans. Cloud Lending Solutions improves process efficiency throughout the commercial loan origination lifecycle, eliminates re-keying of data and reducing credit and compliance risk. With Cloud Lending Solutions, banks can increase loan production while making better, smarter loan decisions.

Hybrid Lending

Cloud Lending Solutions’ Hybrid Lending allows banks to utilize both on balance sheet and off balance sheet funds delivered via an Investor marketplace to increase lending limits with reduced reserves resulting in more loans and higher investor returns. Hybrid Lending utilizes Cloud Lending’s revolutionary front-end portal technology to provide a modern and intuitive online experience for both investors and borrowers. Combined with Cloud Lending's origination, servicing and collections, the entire lending lifecycle can be managed for online consumer and small business loans.

Key Benefits


Lower Operating Costs

  • Shorten origination processes through the use of automation, document management and workflow
  • Eliminate re-keying of data through an integrated, end-to-end origination process based upon a single system of record
  • Enforce underwriting rules, procedures and document requirements


Gain real-time access to relationship and loan information to increase transparency and visibility into the loan origination process.


Process Efficiency

Increase process efficiency through product, entity and collateral specific automation, workflows, document management and scorecards.

Portfolio Management

Manage customer during the life of the loan - covenants, annual reviews, manages changes in signatures, etc.

End-to-end Origination Solution

Full end-to-end loan origination including application capture, credit approval, auto-decisioning, loan verification, funding, booking and loan administration

What Our Clients Say

  • “Cloud Lending Solutions allows us to automate the entire leasing process, on a single system, from evaluating financial applications through servicing, collections and asset disposal. Leveraging the platform allows us to lower our operating costs, speed time to market and maintain strong relationships with our customers as we improve their overall experience.”

    Mike Sheehan

    President, Flexx

  • “Neyber’s mission is to create workplace communities that enable employees to borrow and save together at fairer rates. We set out to reduce the indebtedness of the UK workforce, and in turn, to increase staff engagement and productivity. In combination with our own proprietary technology, Cloud Lending Solutions’ platform will support the growth of our business and enable it to fulfil this mission.”

    Ezechi Britton

    CTO, Neyber

  • “Harmoney is not a bank or a finance company. Harmoney is a technology enabled financial marketplace that needed a robust receivables platform that was flexible, cost efficient and quick to implement. Cloud Lending allowed us to break away from legacy systems and reduce our time to market to a fraction of other alternatives.”

    Neil Roberts

    CEO and Founder, Harmoney

  • “With Cloud Lending Solutions we reduced an anticipated 6 to 12 month development cycle to less than 3 months. This dramatically changed our go-to-market strategy and helped us connect with consumers more quickly. Cloud Lending was the only end-to-end solution built natively on Salesforce – a strict requirement in our platform architecture. Throughout our partnership, Cloud Lending has been attentive to our needs, which has made it possible for us to deliver a reliable and secure cloud-based alternative to bank lending in less than 90 days.”

    Franck Fatras

    CTO, LendingPoint



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