Cloud Based Loan Management for Banks

Loan Origination & Underwriting Software for Banks to Innovate, Digitize, and Deliver an Omnichannel Experience

Banking Today

Banks have established customer relationships, vast capital holdings and a working knowledge of today’s complex regulatory climate. To compete, banks need innovative products that give customers an easy, fast and consistent user experience across all channels. Thanks to highly accessible and versatile cloud-based financial technology solutions, banks can now deliver new strategies such as:

Risk And Process Compliance

Respond quickly to today’s changing regulatory environment

Competitive Customer Experience

Build omnichannel user experiences and digitize the back office to streamline operations


Rapidly launch new products and leverage new lending models and underwriting capabilities

Banking and Technology

To compete, banks need innovative products that give customers an easy, fast and consistent user experience across all channels. Banks also need products that enable them to seize exciting opportunities from the world of alternative finance especially in small business lending, commercial lending and consumer lending.

Small Business Lending

Banks entering Small Business Lending (SBL) are facing new competitive pressures driven by changing borrower behavior and expectations delivered by online and marketplace lending. With borrowers looking online and making choices based on price, experience, quick funding and approval times, banks must innovate to compete. Wells Fargo’s Fast Flex is one example of streamlining origination, underwriting and servicing to offer smaller, more profitable loans that can be quickly funded online.

Cloud Lending’s leadership in online lending can help banks introduce new SBL products and digitize the origination process to achieve a superior multi-channel user experience. Cloud Lending Solutions leverages new sources of borrower data to make automated and more intelligent underwriting decisions. Through automated workflows, the entire lifecycle of the loan can be managed. CLS delivers efficient and cost-effective cloud technology for the entire small business loan management lifecycle.

Commercial Lending

Historically, commercial lending for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and C&I loans has tended to be time consuming and complex, largely due to reliance on legacy systems and manual processes. Now new innovations in lending, collaboration, integration and multichannel user experiences from a wide range of new competitors are threatening to take market share away from commercial lenders.

Cloud Lending Solutions provides an innovative and collaborative commercial lending experience that is fast, easy and consistent across channels. Our platform allows commercial lenders to use best practices in online lending combined with workflow tools to underwrite loans faster and with lower cost and errors. Innovative underwriting models help automate where needed while workflow automation ensures process compliance for complex commercial loans. Through centralized lending portal all authorized parties can share information, remove bottlenecks, and make faster decisions that reduce risk.

Consumer Lending

Consumer lending has never been more vibrant or challenging. According to CPI Financial, the value of the global consumer lending industry was $42.3 trillion at the end of 2015. The U.S. consumer lending industry had a combined annual revenue of about $35 billion and is expected to reach an astounding $83.8 billion by 2022.

Cloud Lending Solutions makes online lending simple, fast and secure with a 6-Click™ lending model that returns decisions in minutes rather than days. Our financial technology solution digitizes the complete end-to-end loan process including origination, underwriting, servicing and collections, creating a single system of record for your lending operations. With Cloud Lending Solutions, you can use innovative underwriting models to gain new customers. From application to funding and beyond, you can build an online lending experience that will delight your customers, increase operational efficiency, and lower risk.


Cloud Lending Solutions is the market-leading 21st century technology platform. We can bring meaningful, competitive innovation with measurable results to your bank. When partnering with Cloud Lending Solutions, banks can:

  • Provide an omnichannel borrower experience
  • Bring next generation origination and underwriting to small business lending
  • Originate multiple asset types
  • Get innovative solutions online with measurable results in four months or less
  • Configure solutions for unique market requirements

What Our Clients Say

  • “Cloud Lending Solutions allows us to automate the entire leasing process, on a single system, from evaluating financial applications through servicing, collections and asset disposal. Leveraging the platform allows us to lower our operating costs, speed time to market and maintain strong relationships with our customers as we improve their overall experience.”

    Mike Sheehan

    President, Flexx

  • “Neyber’s mission is to create workplace communities that enable employees to borrow and save together at fairer rates. We set out to reduce the indebtedness of the UK workforce, and in turn, to increase staff engagement and productivity. In combination with our own proprietary technology, Cloud Lending Solutions’ platform will support the growth of our business and enable it to fulfil this mission.”

    Ezechi Britton

    CTO, Neyber

  • “Harmoney is not a bank or a finance company. Harmoney is a technology enabled financial marketplace that needed a robust receivables platform that was flexible, cost efficient and quick to implement. Cloud Lending allowed us to break away from legacy systems and reduce our time to market to a fraction of other alternatives.”

    Neil Roberts

    CEO and Founder, Harmoney

  • “With Cloud Lending Solutions we reduced an anticipated 6 to 12 month development cycle to less than 3 months. This dramatically changed our go-to-market strategy and helped us connect with consumers more quickly. Cloud Lending was the only end-to-end solution built natively on Salesforce – a strict requirement in our platform architecture. Throughout our partnership, Cloud Lending has been attentive to our needs, which has made it possible for us to deliver a reliable and secure cloud-based alternative to bank lending in less than 90 days.”

    Franck Fatras

    CTO, LendingPoint



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