asked women about compensation, being challenged at work, getting valuable feedback, and other workplace issues. Here are some of the companies that made their lists of best places for women to work. USA TODAY

Cloud Lending wins 2018 Comparably Award: Best CEOs for Diversity

Facing furor over racial profiling in the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks, the company announced it will be closing its stores on May 29 to offer unconscious bias training. Some are questioning how effective that will be.

Navigating Basel: How Innovative Lending Strategies can Maintain Competitive Advantage with Auke Veenstra, Managing Director, EMEA

The deluge of regulations to have hit financial markets since the banking crisis has without a doubt completely reshaped the industry. As well as the burdensome nature of reporting obligations as regulators have attempted to create more transparent markets, capital...

Why borrower experience will be the principle driver of bank revenue in the lending market

The benefits of improving customer experience in financial services continue to accelerate, particularly as the percentage of Millennials occupying the marketplace continues to increase. Today, banks’ core target customers are not only increasingly tech savvy, but...

InsightSuccess: The 10 Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers, 2017

Today’s traditional lenders are waking up to the fact that alternative finance companies are cutting into their margins by providing lending solutions with speed, automation and delivery mechanisms that mirror their consumer lives. As the lending demographic shifts to...

Cloud Lending Solutions Recognized as APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 FinTech Companies – 2017

The tech-savvy age has coaxed financial institutions to inspect age-old bank-first engagement models to stay relevant. Exasperating, lengthy, and stringent loan application processes, as well as back-office discrepancies, have urged traditional banks to revamp...

Digital Banking – Changing the Consumer Experience and Creating a New Ecosystem

With the coming changes of open banking consumers are about to have a lot more control over their own data and experience. Incumbents and startups will both need to change how they conduct business to fit into what is becoming a new ecosystem. This panel will provide...
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