Cloud-Based Technology For Marketplace Lending Businesses

Complete Marketplace Lending System

Manage the loan cycles from online origination, loan grading and marketplace funding to fractional investing and fractional payments.


Origination, marketplace funding, servicing and collections.


From online origination and loan grading to marketplace funding.


Fractional investing and payments.


Designed to handle the complexities of marketplace transactions.

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Manage the complete online origination process from taking the application, verifying identity, pulling third party data to run credit checks and scorecards for complete auto-decisioning and pricing.


Online application, verify identity, pull third party data, run credit checks.


Use configurable scorecards for complete auto-decisioning and pricing.


Scored loans are presented for funding to investors. Investors can manually or auto-invest their shares based on their defined risk criteria.

Investor Management

Manage investor funds including loan investment orders and fractionalized payments during servicing. Automate investments across multiple borrowers based on loan grade exposure limits.

Investor Funds

Manage loan investment orders, fund movement and fractionalized payments during servicing.

Multiple Borrower Investments

Automated based on loan grade exposure limits or manually invested


Automatically calculate the investor's fractionalized payment shares and disburse to the investor's accounts.

Servicing And Fractionalization

Manage borrower billing, payments, delinquencies and other servicing tasks. Payments are automatically disbursed to investor's accounts based on their share of the loan.


Loan servicing manages borrower billing, payments, delinquencies and other servicing tasks.


Manage payments via cash, check or ACH. NFS, late charges and other fees are automatically applied.


Payments are automatically disbursed to investor accounts based on investor's fractional share of the loan.

Benefits of our Marketplace Lending Salesforce App

  • Fast time-to-market enabling rapid response to new product opportunities
  • Unsurpassed borrower and investor experience fostering transparency and trust
  • High transparency in the entire lending process
  • Personalized, secure and convenient service to your borrowers
  • Easily configured to support compliance requirements
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing regulations and business processes

Key Features of our Marketplace Lending Software

Loan Fractionalization

Assign multiple investors to the same loan and automatically split repayments back to investors based on predetermined rates

API Support for Portal

Build responsive borrower and investor portals with our APIs to facilitate marketplace transactions and foster transparency

Investor Management

Create new investor profiles and manage entire investor portfolios. Build investor trust with customized and intuitive reports and dashboards. Automate the investment process with auto mix and match.

Multichannel Origination

Auto and manual decisioning based on custom business rules. Configurable workflow management

Comprehensive Back Office Support

Track notes, invoices and receive borrower and investor payments

Manage Delinquency And Collections

Create collection strategies, manage promise to pay and manage collection queues

Multiple Credit Bureau Integration

Pull credit reports of borrowers from DataX, Experian, Transunion and Equifax



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