CL Collections™

Optimize Customer Interactions

CL Collections™ is an advanced collections solution built natively on Salesforce that enables lenders to define and automate their collection process. CL Collections can be used with our loan (CL Loan™) and lease (CL Lease™) solutions, billing and tracking delinquencies in the servicing platforms. CL Collections ensures your compliance team adheres to regulations and provides a consistent experience for the borrower across the organization.


Automated collection strategies reduce cost and effort.

An agile approach to collections configurations, operations, and maintenance


Streamline customer interactions for an improved customer experience.


Benefit from an agile approach to collections configurations, operations, and maintenance.


Contact preferences support contact compliance and speed up contact process for the collector.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Collection Strategies

  • Define Communication Model: Determine method of communications for emails, dunning letters, and SMS
  • Contact Preferences: Configure borrower contact preference and preferred channel of communication
  • Template Configuration: Set up message templates for emails, SMS, and letters

Collector Dashboard

  • Contact Preferences: How to communicate with the borrower
  • Communications: Record and track each interaction
  • Workload Management: Daily management and balance of work queue assignments
  • Reporting: Built-in standard reports, report writer, and dashboards


  • Queue Management: Manage a collector’s efforts, workloads, and prioritizations via work queues
  • Configuration: An agile approach to configuration, operations, and maintenance
  • Streamline: Streamline interactions for an improved experience
  • Batch Jobs: Create collection jobs to set reminders, check ‘promise-to-pay’


Contact Tempates

Setup message templates for emails, SMS, and letters

Legacy Integration

Collect against contracts serviced in legacy loan or lease management system

Batch Jobs

Create automated collection jobs to set reminders, run automated collection activities, check on promise to pay, queue loans, and manage workloads

Document Audit

Record customer interactions including promise to pay, emails, and dunning letters

Collections Management

Manage payment tolerances, delinquency grace days, and delinquency payment plans

Waiving Charges

Option to waive off charges on a borrower’s loan or lease

Service-oriented Architecture

CL Collections is architected for easy integration to core lending systems, dialers, SMA, and email systems

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