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Back in 2011 when we introduced Neon, our previous version of the core loan management solution, we were focused on providing flexibility to lending institutions. In particular our solutions...

Snehal Fulzele 23rd December 2013

Back in 2011 when we introduced Neon, our previous version of the core loan management solution, we were focused on providing flexibility to lending institutions. In particular our solutions were designed for microfinances and credit unions. But just as any other software product, Neon too had its own product evolution cycle. We are now pleased to introduce you to Lending Core – the next generation enterprise lending solution.

puzzle new developmentsThe lending landscape has changed much in the last couple of years with three major trends:
  • Enhanced regulations and shortened regulatory and market demand lifecycle – Thanks to the developments  in the financial industry as a whole and the emboldened customers who expect rapidly evolving new services and offerings, regulatory and market demand lifecycle have shortened. Heightened regulations and borrower expectations are now a harsh reality for the lending industry. Agility and flexibility are now mandatory features for lending enterprises.
  • Mobile payment comes into prominence –With the rising mobile adoption, mobile payments support is pitched as the feature of forward looking enterprises.
  • Changing business models from being product centric to customer centric – In less than 5 years, we have witnessed networks of people as the nodes replace the traditional hierarchical systems. Lending industry too saw this with P2P lending coming to force shifting the focus back to the lending industry’s most important stakeholder – the borrower. Other lending verticals are expected to follow the trend and bring back the focus on borrower.

As a provider of enterprise lending solutions, it is important for us to not only keep our products up to date, but also to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the changing industry trends. With that context, we are pleased to announce that Neon has evolved into Lending Core – the feature packed enterprise lending solution for fast growing and future-ready lending enterprises.

Like Neon, Lending Core too is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application hosted on the cloud. Some of the key features and benefits of Lending Core are summarized below:

end to end solutionEND TO END LOAN CYCLE MANAGEMENT Manage entire loan cycle including loan origination, underwriting, loan servicing, collections and portfolio management reporting all under one hassle-free cloud based loan portfolio management suite.industry specific extensionINDUSTRY SPECIFIC EXTENSIONS Supports various lending industry segments such sa P2P lending, auto lending, consumer loans, tax liens, online lending, microfinance and credit unions.
customizable solution                                                                                                                              AGILE AND CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTION  Experience agility like never before. With simple drag and drop design, respond to changing business needs in no time with little or no technical knowledge.No. 1 loan management softwareBUILT ON WORLD’S #1 CRM Make the world’s #1 CRM platform the horsepower to drive your business to success.
 chatter iconCHATTER™ INTEGRATION Improve collaboration within the organization using Chatter. It also lets users to follow the loan applications to be on top of the updates to them using the activity feed. analytics iconROBUST ANALYTICS Don’t let business trigger events surprise you. Use real-time analytics and customizable reports & dashboards to see insights that matter to your business the most to make quicker and more accurate decisions.

Other important features of Lending Core are as below:

credit reportCredit Bureau integration
  • Quick, simple and secure underwriting
  • Automate credit decisioning.
  • Risk mitigation
mobile payments supportMobile payment gateway integration
  • Reduce costs of loan servicing and repayment
  • Improve borrower experience
  • Integrate & improve incentive programs
  • Be future-ready

amortization scheduleAmortization schedule
  • Provide transparency and flexibility to the borrower

subledger transactionsSub-ledger transactions
  • Real-time online updating of transactions
  • Real time generation of statements
  • Transaction manager auto-generates all batch and online transactions
  • Complete with validations and defined checks.

Lending Core is ready to integrate with Salesforce.com™ CRM. With Lending Core’s CRM support you can now:

  • Incorporate CRM functions throughout the loan cycle.
  • Avoid redundant records to obtain a 360⁰ view of the borrower.
  • Easily segment borrowers to design targeted marketing campaigns
Cloud Lending Inc. is official Salesforce.com AppExchange Partner which empowers Lending Core to integrate with over 2000 enterprise applications on the platform.

AppExchange Program Partner rgb Copy resized 600 Set up a free consultation today to learn how Lending Core can transform your lending business into a future-ready lending enterprise.

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