Making a Great Customer Experience

Customer experience is important. Just thought I would state the obvious. As a lender, or in my case, a software vendor, we all think about how to create a...

Scott Smith 14th March 2016

Customer experience is important. Just thought I would state the obvious. As a lender, or in my case, a software vendor, we all think about how to create a great user experience. We have new challenges, like web, mobile and all of the new channels driving our industry. But do we really know what it takes to build a great customer experience? We tend to know when we have a bad one – unhappy customers will tell you, but how can we make it better?

When you search, you find multiple answers to this question, “making a great customer experience”.  Here are some of my favorite tips:  Empower front-line staff. Create a Customer experience vision. Create an emotional connection with your customer. Use a quality framework for development of your team.

These all sounds great at the company offsite but are they actionable? Once you get beyond “management consulting” language, they can be, but they don’t tell you where to start or what to fix. So let me start by giving you my tip:

A great customer’s experience is directly related to your back office systems.

Let me explain. From one of my previous lives I spent a lot of time working on customer experience and satisfaction programs (measuring them and making them better) – The one take-away was the  “customer experience moment of truth” (measured by customer satisfaction scores). This moment of truth is almost always at the time of customer service. A bad customer service experience always results in an unhappy customer.

If your back office systems are chaotic, then your customer experience will be chaotic. How does this work? Well, if you have manual systems, or multiple systems with customer data distributed between them this will impact how you deal with the customer. Errors, wrong information, unable to timely solve problems all become apparent when the customer calls. It’s happened to all of us when calling support – transferred between departments, stuck on hold and never getting our problem solved.

This is where a single system record comes into play. By having all of your data in one spot – with all of your business processes using that same data, you bypass a lot of these problems from the start. No more lost or incomplete records. Or one of my favorites: Updating a customer record only to have it changed back the next day (the system of record was not were you made that update). Solving this problem is one of the reasons that Cloud Lending picked the Salesforce platform to build our solution.

But there is something else this single system of record gives you. A 360 degree view of the customer. When those managing your customer relationships – whether it is sales managing the account or support servicing, having a complete view of  the customer’s applications, contracts, payment history, support interactions, phone calls and documents in a totally accessible, update-to-date and single spot gives you the tools (and the time) you need to “emotional connection with your customer” and  build that “quality framework” with your team because you are no longer fighting your internal systems. I like how one of our customers, LendingPoint, has put this into practice. They were able to get to market in 90 days and achieve a great customer experience and phenomenal success. If you want this kind of success schedule a demo with us soon and see what all the fuss is about.



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