Engaging Borrower Experience

Differentiate Yourself

CL Portal™ is a configurable front-end portal that provides a differentiated borrowing experience for consumer, commercial and small business loans for borrowers, investors and stakeholders. CL Portal works seamlessly with CL Originate's underwriting and approval workflows and document management to create a personalized and differentiated experience.

Consumer Loan Application Portal

Provide a multi-channel personalized and differentiated borrowing experience for each of your consumer loan products. Configurable workflows allow you to manage the complete consumer loan application to your specifications including acknowledgments, credit, document delivery, offer and acceptance.

Small Business Loan Application Portal

Facilitate a cost-effective, online small business loan origination process leveraging automated scoring criteria and third-party data. The Small Business Loan Portal is a complete solution designed with small business loans in mind with an integrated borrower and back office lending workflows, 3rd party data collection, and document collection and review from CL Originate.

Commercial Loan Origination Portal

Designed for solving the complexity of commercial loans, The Commercial Loan Origination Portal is centered around a virtual workspace for borrowers to access and manage their loan information. This includes access to loan status, documents delivered by the financial institution, and the ability to view/upload document requirements.

Investor Portal

For financial institutions extending investment opportunities to their customers by making portions of loans available for investment. CL Portal enables investors to view investment opportunities, bid on applicable loans and manage existing investments.

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Build a Great Customer Experience

CL Portal is your key for delivering a great customer experience.


CL Portal enables you to create a differentiated digital experience to connect with a new generation of borrowers

Your Style

CL Portal is not one-size-fits-all software. Your brand, your way

Work Seamlessly

Your customers can work seamlessly with back-office operations resulting in shorter, less-costly origination


Build a cost-effective small business loan product


Build a compelling digital experience for complex, commercial loan origination


Improving the customer experience continues to be one of the top objectives of Financial Institutions. Current approaches are based on simple solutions with static workflows and fill-in-the-blank, add a logo, approach.CL Portal's approach is to provide a fully configurable, dynamic and flexible solution that allows you to change and control every aspect of your brand, on every page for every interaction.  CL Portal also allows you to customize and configure different experiences for different lending products if desired. CL Portal is designed in a user-centric approach, putting your customer and brand front and center.


100% control over the borrower experience

Your Brand

Configurable branding via stylesheet

Your Workflow

Configure screen-by-screen application flow by lending product

Key Features

Configurable Application Flow

Configure Screen-by screen application flow by lending product

Borrower Document Requirements

Display document requirements by product, borrower entity and collateral type

Document Management

Manage document upload, review and delivery


Allow for borrowers self register or use CRM to preregister

Borrower Account Management

Management of contact information and loan approval status


Configurable disclosures and acknowledgments delivery and verification

Existing Customer Lookup

Recognise existing customers for streamlined registration

Configurable Consumer Credit Pull

Automatically pull credit for consumer

Portal Offer

Present offers from scorecards and rate cards

Custom Fields

Configurable fields for each form in the application workflow

Benefits of CL Portal

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by providing a unique, personalized borrower experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing the amount of manual entry required from borrowers, leveraging third-party data to complete the borrower profile, and ultimately evaluating, approving, and funding the loan more quickly
  • Offer a comprehensive array of online products and attract a new generations of customers through a personalized experience
  • Provides a self-service option to borrowers to originate loans with low overhead
  • Build a marketplace and facilitate marketplace investment.
  • Enable lenders and borrowers to actively engage, communicate and collaborate throughout the loan origination process
  • Articulate document requirements to each borrowing entity and collateral type and collect documentation as part of the overall workflow



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CL Portal™ is a configurable front-end portal that provides a differentiated borrowing experience for consumer,...


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Improving borrower experience in online lending is a top strategic priority for financial institutions. The...