Transform Your Small Business Lending into a Low-Cost, Digitized Operations Platform. Cloud Lending Solutions’ comprehensive loan origination platform enables financial institutions to accelerate the small business loan origination process with an automated and efficient experience while effectively managing credit and compliance risk.

Fujitsu Presents ‘Digital Transformation of Banking Services’ Report

Fujitsu today presented an analysis of challenges and the impact of digital transformation in the banking sector, outlining new business models and opportunities.

Cloud Lending Solutions chosen as a 2018 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner

Red Herring has crowned its Top 100 North America winners. Entrepreneurs and investors were treated to two days of keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and presentations by dozens of North America’s best and brightest tech...

Cloud Lending wins 2018 Comparably Award: Best CEOs for Diversity

The top-ranked CEOs from Small/Medium and Large Companies who were anonymously rated by employees of color on from May 23, 2017 to May 23, 2018.

Cloud Lending wins 2018 Comparably Award: Best CEOs for Women

To spotlight which company leaders are creating healthy workplaces for female employees, job website Comparably created a list of the  Best CEOs for Women

Navigating Basel: How Innovative Lending Strategies can Maintain Competitive Advantage

Working directly with the Dutch multinational bank Rabobank, financial services provider Cloud Lending Solutions has helped Rabobank transform its place in the market. Read how.

Why borrower experience will be the principle driver of bank revenue in the lending market

The benefits of improving customer experience in financial services continue to accelerate, particularly as the percentage of Millennials occupying the marketplace continues to increase. Today, banks’ core target customers are not only increasingly tech savvy, but...
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