Join Auke D. Veenstra, Managing Director – EMEA and Mukul Mittal, EVP – Lease at Cloud Lending Solutions. They will take you through the latest trends in Leasing and what it means for your business.

In this on-demand webinar, we will explore 5 Key Areas:
1.What are the challenges faced by lessors today?
2.What does digital mean to lessors?
3.How can a lessor begin their digital journey?.
4.What is the cost and timeline to start seeing results?.
5.What are the risks and impact to existing business?

Small Business Lending – Creating a For-Profit Business

Join Taylor Adkins, VP of Product Management and William Wagner, VP of Marketing at Cloud Lending Solutions as they discuss how lenders can create a small business practice that removes the friction from the lending process and do so profitability. In this on-demand...

Emerging Trends In Lending for 2018

The last few years have continued to see incredible advancements in leveraging FinTech solutions across the Financial Services Industries in an effort to bring an exceptional borrower experience to the market, increase loan volumes and revenue streams, and reduce...

How to Create the 3.0 Lending Experience

In this 60 minute webinar, Cloud Lending will share its vision on how you can create the 3.0 lending experience for your borrowers and business partners. In this on-demand webinar, we will explore: 1.Why lending 3.0; what does it take? 2.How to create seamless...

Building the Ultimate Borrower Experience

Borrower experience is a top strategic priority for banks. The majority of this effort focus on the user interface and multi-channel experiences but ignores the structural problems legacy platforms and multiple systems of record add to delivering a world class...

Supercharge Your Collection Strategy

The primary objective of a collection strategy is to generate a positive return for the organization, converting potential losses into revenue. With collections often seen as a secondary or, in some cases, nonexistent activity, often revenue is left on the table....

Cloud-based Origination for Commercial and Construction Loans

In this webinar, led by Taylor Adkins, Director of Product Management and Scott Smith, VP Product Marketing at Cloud Lending Solutions, we will introduce the next generation of origination for banks with a focus on commercial and construction loan origination. We will...
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