Leasing Solutions: Last week, we announced the availability of CL Lease™, a proven end-to-end, cloud-based asset leasing solution that enables efficient servicing and asset management for institutional, independent and captive lessors. CL Lease is the first and only fully integrated leasing solution on the Force.com platform that shortens time-to-market on product offerings, enables lower operating costs and provides a superior borrower experience.

The press was really excited about our product! We got exceptional coverage in a number of prominent publications such as Crowdfundinsider, monitordaily, Bankless Times and Finovate. Other publications that covered the release are The Lessors Network, Equipment Finance Advisor, India Infoline, Virtual Strategy Magazine, News Channel 10 and Keyc.

CL Lease’s capability to easily initiate and maintain all aspects of the lease life cycle, automate billing, payments and application of fees and manage assets throughout the lease life cycle was recognized and highlighted.

In order to understand why CL Lease is generating so much news, join our webinar – Grow Your Leasing Business with Cloud Technology, on March 9, 9 AM PST and see why!


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