Cloud Lending Solutions is a financial services technology company offering a cloud-based, end-to-end lending platform to deliver innovation to the global lending community.

Cloud Lending Solutions is the leader in cloud-based commercial and small business loan origination. Cloud Lending Solutions helps banks transform their commercial and small business loan operations by improving operational efficiency, reducing credit and compliance risk, improving transparency and loan production, and enabling banks to deliver a great client experience throughout the loan origination process using Cloud Lending’s comprehensive back-office loan origination platform and groundbreaking frontend portal technology.

Cloud Lending Solutions’ Leasing software enables lessors to be agile in response to customer needs in changing market conditions. Our approach allows lessors to transform and advance their business by quickly implementing, extending, and digitizing the entire leasing lifecycle to stay ahead of the competitors and regulations. With a single system of record, configurable dashboards, and real-time reporting, we provide an operational view of your business and reduce technical, operational, and servicing costs that slow lessors down.

Cloud Lending Solutions’ end-to-end loan management solution is built for alternate finance companies looking for a technology platform for enabling or quickly growing their lending activities. Our solution encompasses origination, servicing, collections, marketplace and portal built for a true SaaS offering leveraging the Salesforce platform. Cloud Lending AlfFi solutions have a proven track record of powering industry leading online lenders, marketplace platforms and traditional lenders for consumer and commercial loans.

Taming the True Cost of Collections

Costly. Complex. Time-consuming. These are just a few of the challenges companies face when trying to collect on non-performing loans and leases. Collections are a major strain on finance businesses worldwide. In the US, a company with a 5% net profit and $100,000 in...

Leading SaaS Solution Enables Rapid Launch of Service

Within the Fintech sector, the spotlight is now on a new business model known as online lending. An alternative to traditional financing spearheaded by banks, online lending uses ICT to provide lending opportunities to many customers by deploying new screening and...

Winning Over Resistance to IT Changes

Finance organizations worldwide are struggling with aging lending and leasing systems. They have read much data and various case studies showing how new systems can improve operational efficiency, increase competitiveness and integrate with the third-party solutions...

Hybrid Lending

The Lending Domains are challenged by new players with better lending experience and a new way of risk assessment. Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Automation are bringing process efficiencies and transformed borrower experience. (Hybrid Lending)

Hebrew Free Loan – Lending A Hand To Our Community

As a nonprofit interest-free lender, our practices, collections and repayment policies and systems fall far outside of the norms of the lending industry, so it was imperative that our new lending software is adaptable. We found CLS to be highly customizable, and it...

Two Readily Available Solutions to Expand Funding for Smaller Businesses

Small and mid-sized companies are vital to the prosperity of the U.S. economy. Yet many struggle to secure the financing needed to grow their businesses. Access to financing has improved to some extent in the recent years as have the options with the influx of online...
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