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Fujitsu: Digital Transformation of Banking Services

by Cloud Lending Solutions

Digital technologies are moving into the heart of everything we do. Digital transformation is rapidly changing the way we work and live. Digital transformation is the reinvention of business processes and business models, and the creation of new value, using the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other digital technologies.In the digital society of the future, large digital platforms such as Google and Amazon, as well as companies in other industries such as retail and telecommunications, will likely provide banking services that have a high affinity with their own businesses and provide convenience for their customers. As the traditional providers of savings and loan services, banks, on the other hand, will employ digital technologies to improve the customer experience. They will also accelerate innovation in order to dramatically improve management speed and business efficiency. Additionally, with greater specialization into areas such as private banking and investment banking, and with a provision of banking services to companies entering the banking sector from other industries, we may see the further decentralization of banking functions. By 2030, it is possible that banks and other industries will collaborate to create an ecosystem where users can access reliable banking services anywhere and anytime they wish.

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