Yesterday we announced CL Lease,  a proven end-to-end, cloud-based asset leasing solution that enables efficient servicing and asset management for institutional, independent and captive lessors. It was really exciting to announce this while we are participating in the National Equipment Finance Summit this week in New Orleans.

While talking to attendees we heard a lot about how their existing finance and leasing systems are disparate and incompatible with other business systems, making it difficult, if not impossible, to have complete visibility into equipment status or the entire lease lifecycle. The themes we keep hearing is that lessors want to leverage cloud technology to make their business less complex, while creating a better customer experience.  Most of all, the people we talked to want to shorten their time-to-market on new lease product offerings so they can grow their business. This is what our friends at Chrome Capital told us when they decided to implement the platform, and with 750 dealerships across the country processing tens of thousands of lease applications annually, they know first hand what the issues are, and how to scale a leasing business.

Cloud Lending Solutions’ CL Lease is the first and only end-to-end leasing solution on the platform. The comprehensive, end-to-end solution provides a single system of record that automates the lifecycle of a lease. CL Lease is specifically designed for lessors and delivers a less costly alternative to legacy technology or manual processes, and offers the security and compliance capabilities of the Salesforce cloud platform.

If this interests you, we would love to talk more about it.

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CL Lease

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CL Lease

CL Lease is the industry’s only comprehensive lease management system built natively on Salesforce. CL Lease gives you speed of delivery and speed of change – you can configure new lease products instantly, or modify the existing ones. Because we’re...
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